Speaking of Citibike, they sent an email asking if I'd like to be part of their Bike Angels program. Yes, of course I would. You're basically part a human load-balancer for bike stations. There's an app that shows you which stations need bikes and which have too many. If you move a bike for them, you get reward points. With enough points you can give friends (visiting from out of town for example) free days of Citibike. I'm exactly the kind of person to pitch this to. I'll do anything to get more people on the bike paths in NYC.

09/18/17; 15:23PM

A picture named mrNatural.png

07/13/17; 10:24AM

Right here!!

07/09/17; 23:19PM

Let's see what happens!

  • No surprise -- it worked.
07/08/17; 22:36PM

Every day a new post to see if Fargo is still working.

And the answer is...

  • Yes, yes indeed. It is still working.
07/05/17; 15:29PM

Is Fargo still working?

Yes indeed.

07/04/17; 11:16AM

On the Little Outliner support site, a user named Glenn asks if the docs, which were written in Fargo, will continue to work when Fargo stops working. The answer is yes. Dropbox is not needed for the hosting site. The pages are stored in Amazon S3.

07/03/17; 09:23AM

It's July 1 and we're wondering if Fargo still works.

07/01/17; 07:47AM

Go figure!

06/30/17; 18:45PM

According to Dropbox the API was supposed to be turned off yesterday. But here I am in Fargo creating a new post in my test blog. So far it seems to be doing okay. I'm getting an error message in the console saying "Too many requests" but that's par for the course. It's been saying that for months. Never figured out why it's making so many, or if that's a problem with the API or what..

I guess the real test will be if this post makes it up to the server. Let's see.

Update: Yup. It's there. So maybe there's a grace period in the expiration? Or..?

06/29/17; 07:16AM

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