Time Loves a Hero

  • But only time will tell

  • If he's real

  • He's a legend from heaven

  • If he ain't he's a sinner from hell.

This is an example of an outline

  • I have structured it deliberately using the outline structure.

  • There is no Markdown here, just outline structure and HTML.

  • This is a test: Scripting News.

  • Little Pork Chop

The details

  • The attribute is #flMarkdown.

  • If it's an outline, and markdown is turned off, we use the outline renderer.

  • That's what makes sense.

  • Yes.

Intuitive not intelligent

  • It's intelligent enough. If there are no subheads it knows that this should not be formatted as a headline.

  • However if there are subheads then it assumes it's a list.

Here's a nice outline

  • Western states

- California

  • Oregon

    • Portland

    • Eugene

  • Washington

    • Mid-Atlantic states
  • New York

    • Albany

    • New Paltz

    • The Hamptons

    • Brooklyn

    • Buffalo

    • Syracuse

  • Pennsylvania

    • Pittsburgh

    • Philadelphia

  • Delaware

  • Maryland

    • Baltimore

    • Anapolis

  • New Jersey

    • Trenton

    • Newark

    • Princeton

A few interesting tweets

A list of things

  • Baseball glove

  • Stereo phonograph

  • Toyota Camry

  • Lawrence of Arabia

  • :kiss:

But then there's another paragraph and everything is back to normal. Until something appears underneath it then it becomes a headline again. You learn how to play with it, I guess.

07/10/14; 19:28PM

I heard that when you type the term si:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:igit into Fargo you get a weird Emoji character.

That's six hyphen digit. The trigger is x hyphen d.

Let's see if it happens here.

It does.

We're using Emojify in Fargo to do the rendering.

One thing you can do until we figure out what's going wrong is you can turn Emoji's off globally or on a single page. See the announcement page for Fargo 1.60 to see how to do it.

Perhaps this should be reported as an issue on the GitHub project?

I added a comment to a reported issue that says that'd gets screwed up in a similar way.

07/01/14; 13:54PM

Last built: Sat, May 30, 2015 at 9:06 AM

By Dave Winer, Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 1:54 PM.